ADFTEAM.COM is an Aussie team of Online Combat Gamer’s & Sim Racers who enjoy realistic online gaming and the online community.

We formed in 2001 from a free game called Americas Army a FPS sim and over the years have played many other games. Our Team promotes fair play, teamwork, communication, loyalty,respect and above all mate-ship and fun.

ADFTEAM.COM has been recruiting members since 2001 and still growing. Our members come from all over Australia, we also have members from New Zealand and the US. We all use voice communication “TeamSpeak” which enables us to use voice communication with each. As a team in and out of game we have great times and laughs.

We are recruiting new members regularly and are approved on their maturity and ability to participate and communicate within a team environment. The team is also moderated by staff who try to keep ADFTEAM a G rated group of friends.

GRAV is a sand box experience where you explore a multitude of planets, hunt strange alien creatures, build and defend outposts, craft weapons and armor, and attempt to survive against other players in a hostile environment.

Check out the video here.

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Howdy All, After weeks of work I am finally rolling out new services for ADFTEAM. Tonight I rolled out a 7 Days to die server. Everything has been transferred across. You will notice a massive improvement, so I bumped up the slots to 30 players, see how we go.

Also DONATE the links to donate are everywhere. Bloody freeloaders.

Enjoy! href=’

Server Donations needed plz guys, Sniper has been paying for most of the Rust server by himself……any little bit will help ,thnx
Cheers Cheech.

A Rust update came out last night, our server runs the RUST++ Mod. I am currently waiting for it to be updated before our server comes back online. I read in the forums that the creator of the MOD is still at school lol

RUST UPDATE! I will restore the server and maps once the bug has been fixed. Snipes… QUOTE:

Dear Nathum,

Through a series of testing we have found that the memory leak issue is to do with maps that date prior to February 7th.
This issue is affecting all Rust server providers, and many have begun forcing wipes on all clients’ servers.

We will be putting Tcadmin into maintenance mode at 12PM AEST today to perform server wipes on all clients. This will result in all player and map data being reset.
We will make a backup of all client data in the event that a new update resolves this issue, and we will be more than happy to assist with re-applying these backups.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused, but sadly with such large changes to the game being implemented there was no other option.


The Streamline-Servers Team

Rust Update has been applied to our server ADFTEAM.COM

A good read about RUST

Just a Heads up, the RUST server is having a hell of a lot of LAG. I have found that all the servers listed his are having the same problem.

Which tells me that the Host is the problem and not our game server. I have notified them of the issue and waiting reply. Not much I can do until RUST release a Version… currently in Beta or Alpha. Until then hang in there, and enjy the withdrawal of not being able to play on the ADF server.

Are you with me?

Donations Required!

How to spot a impersonator.

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TS up and running again after being hacked. Seems that somones using Bo-Ann as a alias, don’t give them SA. :)

ADFTEAM Website alive

I have enabled the website, hoping things work ok. Pretty much all your signatures are broken, so you will need to go into your profile and fix them.

Notify me of any bugs, and i’ll try fix them when I have a spare moment.

Any other ideas, post them too and we can add it to our list of things to do.

dont forget to like us on Facebook to be kept up to date of all changes with ADFTEAM.

Enjoy have fun play nice.