ADFTEAM.COM is an Aussie team of Online Combat Gamer’s & Sim Racers who enjoy realistic online gaming and the online community.

We formed in 2001 from a free game called Americas Army a FPS sim and over the years have played many other games. Our Team promotes fair play, teamwork, communication, loyalty,respect and above all mate-ship and fun.

ADFTEAM.COM has been recruiting members since 2001 and still growing. Our members come from all over Australia, we also have members from New Zealand and the US. We all use voice communication “Discord” which enables us to use voice communication with each. As a team in and out of game we have great times and laughs.

We are recruiting new members regularly and are approved on their maturity and ability to participate and communicate within a team environment. The team is also moderated by staff who try to keep ADFTEAM a G rated group of friends.