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Information for the Members who are going to the 2008 Wangaratta get together.
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Geelong > Wang

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Hey kids - I will be heading up to Wang sometime Friday, heading back (leaving Wang) Monday...

I live 20 mins from Avalon airport (Jetstar Melbourne Terminal) and will have room for 4 passengers - when I leave Friday and Monday I am not fussed, it all depends on arrangement of flights - so Capt, Bungy, Medic, etc.... maybe you guys need to book close times, or if someone wants to crash at my place Thursday night I have a spare bed for 1 (or 2) Dead or female bodies...

So however it works out, I am fine......

- Timmy

EDIT: By Sniper.... Added the word Dead for humor.
EDIT: Note: there is only 1 bed... the more the merrier!!! :P
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M8 would love to be there but finances are slim and tight at the moment so i dont think ill be making it. [smilie=flicks.gif]

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Im in and so Is Roo...Thanks

Thanks for the offers people... MADOZ

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