Please Read Before Posting Your App.

Here you can become an ADF-Member.
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Please Read Before Posting Your App.

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Welcome to Gaming

We welcome all mature gamers from noobs to veterans so if you would like to become a member
of the TEAM post a new topic with your current player name as the subject.

Here is a few things we would like to know about you.

Where are you from:
Your name:
A link to your tracker account: (Required for AAO Applications)
Links to other clans or teams you have been with:
A list of player names you have used:
How long have you been playing online games:
Are you over the age of 13:
If so how old are you:
Do you have any bans or known to be cheating:
Do you have a microphone and headphones:
How did you find out about us:
What name will you use: .-=(ADF-Example)=-.


To apply you must be over the age of 13
During the few weeks of your application you
are required to join TeamSpeak This is an
essential part of your application being accepted.

If successful a Admin will post the reply "Accepted" and will
let you know that they have sent you a private messages.

Here are the two replies you will either get:

1. Application Accepted "Please check your Private messages."
2. Application Denied "Topic will then be locked."

All new applicants will be on a 3 month trial period and can be terminated at anytime by Admin.

Thank You....

You can now put in your application